Financial Statement Audit

Milton Berg is equipped with the resources and expertise to deliver your financial statement audit at a reasonable fee. We have a team of professionals with the experience and knowledge to solve the issues facing today’s companies. We feel our firm is unique as our audit approach is designed to avoid disruption to your normal day-to-day operations. We provide experienced personnel and deploy managers on-site for the majority of the audit to ensure a timely and effective engagement.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. Milton Berg advises in planning your tax which is part of your overall business strategy. You can use our experience and access to the most current new developments in the tax laws to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities.

Jewellery Design Diploma And Jewelry Design Certificate How To Make The Most Out Of These

Jewellery Design Diploma And Jewelry Design Certificate How To Make The Most Out Of These

On Tuesday evening, Aire launched his first boutique in Africa's most populous nation, the place many dwell on less than $2 a day, permitting the growing number of Nigeria's super-rich to access diamond jewellery worn by top U.S. stars like Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie.

scandinavian jewellery ukFrom the depths of the ocean supping with a gaggle of engineers aboard a jovial submarine, to the far reaches of the galaxy with the First Lunar Regiment on Mars, a great deal of wonderful characters, rambunctious tales of derring do and their favourite meals are brought to life.

The table-minimize description refers to a skinny diamond part with a flat high and bottom, where the diamonds have additionally been faceted across the edge. This faceting acts as a border across the irregular shape of the diamond, to provide a refractive brilliance.

On 1 January 1806 Elector Maximilian Joseph IV of Bavaria was proclaimed King Maximilian Joseph I of Bavaria. Royal insignia have been immediately commissioned from craftsmen in Paris: a crown, sceptre, sword and belt, imperial orb and seal container for the king, and a crown for the queen. Among the artists at Napoleon's courtroom who labored on the insignia was the leading goldsmith of the day, Martin-Guillaume Biennais.. The insignia had been duly delivered to Munich, but political events precluded a coronation ceremony. In fact, no king of Bavaria was ever to wear the crown in public. On events such as the accession of a ruler to his throne and his lying in state the insignia were presented on special cushions.

The 42,000 sq/m Gold Jewelry Building has 13 flooring staging with processing, trading and repair areas. It's a skilled, multi-useful gold jewellery building. It's destined to change into the middle in the business with its geographical advantage within the Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone, which attracts many well-known Hong Kong jewelry manufacturers reminiscent of Xie Ruilin, Hengfeng, QIngfengjin and Daimengde. Along with the capital and data rushing into this space, it makes Shatoujiao a centralized area of the gold business.

Though now primarily (and rightfully) considered gorgeous pieces of jewellery in their own proper, a few particular kinds of heraldric jewelry had been created for practical reasons. For instance, a signet ring made throughout the Center Ages for a nobleman was engraved with the appropriate heraldic crest or coat-of-arms on the floor of the highest of the ring. The picture was designed in reverse (like a mirror-picture), so that when the top of the ring was pressed into scorching wax that had been dripped onto the closure of a letter or document, it created a wax image of the crest or coat of arms. When absolutely cooled, the wax image sealed the paper closed and thus provided higher privateness. And since the rightful proprietor of the signet ring was the presumptive sender of the letter or writer of the doc, a document sealed with a signet ring bearing a heraldic crest or coat-of-arms served to identify the author and warranted the authenticity of the doc.

Good things about customized jewelry her comment is here you can get it in selection decisions of design and colors! and in a really affordable costs , however we perceive how You love this little piece a lot and what a pity to see it not in good situation to wear anymore!

The riviere was once purchased within the 1900s for round four hundred pounds, the auction house stated, a sum that may have made it extremely costly when Charlton bought it in the 1960s. Anglo American stated that rough diamond gross sales for De Beers' ultimate sale of the year amounted to $418 million, compared with $476 million for the earlier gross sales cycle this 12 months.

Should you're wanting to think of present methods to your spouse or girlfriend, you would must contemplate a jewelry box or necklace hanger. As an example, my spouse has a ton of necklaces and she or he utilised to assist hold them all hanging around this very little stand. They ended up continually tangled along and it produced selecting out the perfect necklace for an outfit fairly frustrating.

We gauge our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients. We can help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound. In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.


 Our agreed upon procedures engagements require us to work closely with you to understand your business and meet specific needs during planning. Our reports remain restricted to the appropriate parties, and adhere to requirements of the Accounting Standards.

Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage.  Companies that inspire, train, and reward teamwork inevitably improve their profit margins. Our coach works directly with your teams to quickly identify key teamwork problems and address them. We offer expertise in building High Performance Teams, self-sustaining, high results teams that lead  to self-correctness.


Forecasting is a necessity when trying to effectively manage and lead a business to profitability. From simple projections to complex financial modeling, our experienced staff can assist you in achieving your company's financial goals.